Setting up website style

Setting up dark mode
Click on style in the Oopy console. You can change the light mode and dark mode in Dark Mode Theme.
Display dark mode button
Dark mode can be set directly from the Oopy console, but you can also let site users decide. In Oopy console's styleDark Mode Theme, select The theme button is displayed to the user. After that, you can check the theme setting button on the top right of the website.
If the user sets light mode through the button, the user will see the site in light mode even if default mode is dark mode. In other words, the choice of site users always takes precedence. If you do not want this, hide the button from users.
Hide top navigator
You can hide the navigation bar at the top of the page. Try changing styleHide Top Navigator in Oopy console.
Display pageview count
You can see the pageview count in the lower left corner of the website. Change it in styleDisplay Pageview Count in Oopy console.
Changing the font
Fonts provided by Oopy can be used. Change in styleFont in Oopy console.
Would you like to apply your own font? If you have a custom domain connected and there is no problem with the license, we can connect you to your own font. Please contact us via email or Facebook chat :)