Setting up HTML edition (Advanced)

Setting up custom HTML for every page
Add the code you want in the HTML edition menu of the Oopy console.
Setting up custom HTML for individual pages
Do you want to set different open graph tags for each page? Or do you want to fire a specific event only on a specific page? Try it right now on Oopy!
Enter the desired Notion page.
Add a HTML code block at the top of the page.
Add the <head> or <body> tag as shown below and put the code you want in the tag, and you are done!
<!-- Be sure to change the language at the bottom right to HTML. --> <head>your custom head</head> <body>your custom body</body>
Syntax examples
<head> <script>console.log("Hello, World!")</script> </head>
<body> <script>console.log("Hello, World!")</script> </body>
<head> <style> .custom-block { color: red; } </style> </head> <body> <div class='custom-block'>I'm div</div> </body>
Script tags in the <head> and <body> areas may cause problems with the performance or behavior of the site, so be careful. If Oopy's operation policy and script direction are different, script provision may be stopped.
Script Examples